A newborn shopping excursion to Target

11 days ago my son was delivered via c-section. Since this is a major surgery I am not permitted to drive for 2 weeks. The first few days inside were fine as the city was still climbing out from under the heaviest snow that we’d had in 18 years. But as the days go by cabin fever is starting to set in and I’m anxious to get out. The idea of not being able to drive or leave when I want and having to depend on other people to take me to and fro began to overwhelm me.

Fortunately a good friend stopped by yesterday to rescue me and the baby from our “house rest”. Our first outing was to none other than Target. Ordinarily I could stay in Target and browse for a couple of hours. Hit up the clearance racks and the end caps in housewares. Maybe even try on an item of clothing or two. But not yesterday. LOL. 20 minutes into the shopping excursion my son wakes up and is ready to nurse. Suddenly I was aware that there are no lactation rooms or breast feeding areas for nursing moms. The first time he wanted to eat I went to the cafe, found a table isolated in the corner and draped myself with the privacy cover so that he could nurse. We were there for a good 20 minutes and then he dozed off. Initially I thought that he would be okay until I was done browsing, but he’s 10 day old tummy was only satisfied for a short while. By the time he woke up again I was somewhere between the home improvement and furniture aisles. Not wanting to subject him to another long trip to the front of the store and back to that corner table in the cafe, I decided to park it in the display chair and prop my feet on the display ottoman so that he could eat. Although I was draped I felt like I was on display as well.

As I sat there I began to brainstorm, maybe they could turn 1 or 2 of their fitting rooms in the women’s department into nursing rooms for moms. That would be ideal and give moms and babies the privacy they needed. I also thought about the awkwardness of the shopping cart itself and the lack of room to place items in the cart especially when the baby’s car seat is in there. I ended up grabbing a smaller, hand-held basket that I placed beneath the cart. The positive side of that is that it limits the amount of items you can purchase and thus the amount of money you spend:-)

While I was very grateful to get out of the house and do some light shopping I was also slightly overwhelmed by my lack of a second pair of hands, which every new mom could use from time to time. Our trip to Target lasted almost two hours. At least 45 minutes was spent nursing my son. Yes, the third nursing session occurred in the health and beauty aid section near the pharmacy. At least it was more secluded than the display chair in the furniture department. LOL.

It’s been nearly 12 years since I had a newborn. I have forgotten some of the nuances that go along with shopping with baby. But I remain so happy for the experience of being a mom again.

Thanks for reading!


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