Narcissistic love

That moment when you realize that your relationship was fake is the moment that you realize that you were in love with a narcissist. They fall in love quickly, shower you with gifts, pull you into their trap, and then suck the emotional life out of you. Once you realize what’s happened they will be hard at work pursuing their next victim.

The term narcissist is one that I have heard throughout various times in my life, but it was generally in regards to personalities in the work place. Never did I imagine that I would have encountered one in a romantic relationship. I came to this realization AFTER the relationship ended. I was, as many people do these days, seeking answers via the Internet on why my ex behaved the way he did. What I knew was that I had endured a great amount of verbal and emotional abuse and that the person I came face to face with in the end of the relationship was NOT the person who I’d met six months before. The guy that I met before was loving and doting. He called me his queen and told me how much he loved me. By the time things ended between us he was cold and calloused. The more I read the more the term “narcissist” kept popping up. The following article helped me gain clarity on the situation: Do you love a narcissist? Accessible via:


2 thoughts on “Narcissistic love

  1. It took me over a year of therapy and a Domestic violence programme to recover from mine the damage was so great. But I have my life back now. Wish you all the best with yours

    • Thank you for stopping by Ali!

      The road to recovery has been slow for me, but I am so much stronger now than I was a few months ago. I went to counseling for a short while and still need more therapy. Thank you for sharing. Knowing that you have your life back now gives me hope that I can get through this!

      All the best!

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