2012 in Review

This year began with prospects of new love and an expanded family. As the year draws to a close I say farewell to the love that I had thought I found and prepare to greet the beautiful life that was created during the short course of this romance.

It was so grand in the beginning. Just like any other ‘new’ love. The first few months bursting with excitement of what the other person would do next, long conversations that neither party wanted to end, and dreams of creating many happy  memories together.

In hindsight (always 20/20) things happened too fast. The relationship was moving at the speed of light and I was enjoying the ride so much that I missed some critical red flags in the relationship. How many of you can relate to those missed opportunities to make your exit? I know for me there were several, but the hopeless romantic little girl who resides within me just didn’t want to see them.

At the time it all began I had been divorced for three years and had not been in a serious committed relationship since. I was ready (so I thought) to give love another chance.  I wanted someone to love, to share my life with and to grow with.  Sadly, in the end, I was left alone and pregnant. The pregnancy aspect added a new dimension to the challenges that emerge following a break-up.  Over the next several blogs I will share my experiences. I use writing as an outlet for healing, but in doing so I hope to inspire, increase awareness, or help save others from enduring a similar heart break.

Thanks for reading!

SingleProMom (SPM)


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